Find Consumer Loans with Extra Benefits?

All consumers love benefits, but few people associate loans and benefits with each other. Nevertheless, you have the option of obtaining benefits such as unemployment insurance, pausing the benefit or paying at no cost when you take out consumer loans online.

Depending on your needs and financial situation, these can be really useful benefits that you can benefit from. Lender has an in-depth knowledge of the  market and based on that, we review here 4 of the most common benefits of online loans.

Consumer loans with added benefits

Consumer loans with added benefits

A lot can happen in a short time, it was a prime example of the financial crisis. Many people lost their jobs and were squeezed on the economy. It could also have caused the plunging housing prices that made many technically insolvent.

What we want to achieve is that situations can easily arise where it is nice to have benefits and opportunities to draw on. It may be the opportunity to pause the benefit. Or an insurance against unemployment if the accident is out. That way, you will comfortably get through the difficult period without needing sleepless nights about the economy. For that no one should wish.

Unemployment insurance

Unemployment insurance

One of the effects of the financial crisis, in the financial sector, is the opportunity to insure against unemployment. It has become a much more widespread feature afterwards, as many have felt the unpleasant consequence of a firing. If you want a financial safety net and extra security, this will definitely be something you should look for.

Pause the benefit

Pause the benefit

Following point 1, the opportunity to pause the benefit is another really good advantage. For example, the new provider Modus Finans is running. with a clipboard where you can choose 2 installment-free periods. It allows you to get a financial breath for two selected months. Others only run with you can pause performance if you suddenly need it. In all cases it is a useful opportunity to have as a consumer. Because you never know when, for example. must pay a large contingency bill .

Pay at no cost

Pay at no cost

Certainly, not all consumer loans can be paid out at no cost, so you should be aware of this as you read through the agreement and terms. Not least so you know exactly what you are going for. A situation can easily arise where you can pay off the outstanding debt 6 or 12 months ahead of time. And that’s equal to a huge interest saving.

You need to make sure that this interest saving is not “eaten up” by an expensive fee. Clearly it will be an advantage if it is not. It also gives you the opportunity to refinance with less financial costs.

Interest free for new customers

Interest free for new customers

New customers have a unique opportunity to gain 30 days of interest at the time of writing. You can call it a generous welcome offer, It avoids expensive interest rates that are otherwise characteristic of these quick loans. A very good option if you have a small need for money, for the amount goes up to only USD 4,000.

There is no doubt that loans with benefits are worth considering and incorporating in the decision-making process, although the OPP will remain the most important parameter for most.

10 Reasons to Loan a Friend

Understand why applying for personal loans online to people around you gives you access to credit more simply and at lower interest rates. What is your first thought when deciding to apply for a personal loan from the bank? If you don’t have a pre-approved credit line (who has?), You soon think of queues to talk to the manager, bureaucracy, big fees you’ll need to pay and all of which can result in a no. Am I right?

Therefore, applying for a loan online among people can be something much more advantageous. And here I share 10 reasons why you should borrow from a friend before considering going to the bank.

1 – Lower interest rates

1 - Lower interest rates

The average rate of a personal loan is around 7% * per month, credit card and overdraft are up to 14% per month. For example, if you offer your friend at 3.5% rate, it would be much more beneficial than going to the bank.

2 – It’s good for those looking for better investments.

money loan

If your friend has money invested in common financial applications such as CDB or savings, he knows that these investments yield little, up to 0.8% * per month. Offering him a rate of 3.5 percent a month, for example, would be four times better than other investments. And remember, you would pay less interest than the bank.

3 – Loan less bureaucratic online

money loan

Nowadays it’s possible to do everything on the internet and think about going to a place, waiting to be attended to and gathering “documents” can give chills. With an online lending platform, your friend is closer to you and everything can be solved more easily.

4 – Flexibility to apply for a loan

money loan

Sometimes the pre-approved credit limit we have available is not enough to meet our need. So resorting to a friend may be simpler to meet the credit demand you need.

5 – Financial Growth for All


When you borrow money from a friend or relative, the amount you borrow plus the interest returns to that person who is close to you. That is, instead of a bank profiting, it is the people around you who profit and you have your credit demand met.

6 – Faster available money

money loan

Your friend is on your whatsapp contact list, your bank manager is not. Sometimes the need to apply for a loan comes with some urgency and this time may be best met by someone who has this financial availability.

7 – Dirty name is not so limiting

money loan

Obviously, you should be very clear with your friend and talk about all the reasons for your need for personal credit and how you intend to pay. For a bank, numbers are more important, so even if you want credit to clear your name, the bank will only see that you are negative.

8 – The bank doesn’t know you

money loan

For a bank, the reasons for the credit request may not come into play. Understanding the need for credit and the reasons for lending you is critical to your friend. This connection is very difficult to have with a bank.

9 – Confidence Gain

money loan

They talk a lot that lending money to a friend can be a factor in losing friendship. However, this only happens if done the wrong way. If you do it right, with financial planning and control, it builds trust between you.

10 – He won’t try to sell you what you don’t want

money loan

It is very common when we arrive at a bank manager with some credit request to be bombarded by various services such as insurance, securities, private pension, among other offers that are neither useful nor financially advantageous. Unfortunately, this is a practice seen in many banks.

And now, do you agree that it is more advantageous to borrow from a friend?

Our app is the easiest, fastest and safest way to apply for a loan from a friend. You submit your request, already containing the interest that fits in your pocket, amount and amount of installments and payment day.

Your friend receives your loan application as and we show him that your application may be more profitable than other types of investments . We also took all of his concern out of charging, as it’s Mutual that does that part. If it accepts, the installment slips are generated and you receive all the money in your account. You get less bureaucracy and increase your chances of getting your loan and earning your friend who gets all the interest on repayment, has no worries about debt collection and even formalizes and legalizes this loan so you don’t have a headache.

Instant loan without credit bureau information | With immediate approval

While with classic bank loans, a comprehensive credit check is carried out before the loan is approved, inquiries from credit bureau are rather uncommon for an instant loan. Many banks now offer a loan without credit bureau in order to be able to provide financing to customers in a difficult economic situation.

Number of instant loans without credit bureau increases

Number of instant loans without credit bureau increases

Nowadays, consumption is taking on more loans than ever before. Almost every wish can be financed by someone else – from furnishing your home to your vehicle and your next vacation. If you don’t have the money on the high edge, go to the bank and apply for a loan. But it’s not always that easy – if you have negative entries in the credit bureau, most banks reject the classic loan.

Negative credit bureau entry because of little things

A negative credit bureau entry is quick: Anyone who has had a small dispute with a mobile phone company may already be listed. In many cases, it is even the case that those affected themselves cannot do anything for their credit bureau entry, but are still denied loans and other benefits.

Immediate loan with negative entries at credit bureau

Immediate loan with negative entries at credit bureau

In this case there is an instant loan without credit bureau, which is so popular not only because the instant loan avoids credit bureau queries, but also because the money required is paid out very quickly. Immediate credit is the right choice, especially when liquidity is needed quickly.

Similar to an installment loan

The instant loan is repaid like a normal installment loan. A specific repayment period is defined and the amount of the monthly installments adjusted accordingly. The higher the loan amount and the shorter the term, the higher the installment payments.

Reputable and dubious providers

Reputable and dubious providers

You can recognize reputable instant loan offers by the fact that they provide a fair repayment period. Dubious offers usually go hand in hand with very short terms and horrendous interest rates, which ultimately drives the borrower even more into the debt trap.

Instant loan offers through intermediaries

Instant loans are often offered by credit intermediaries and not by the credit institutions themselves. The credit broker is usually very familiar with the banking landscape and knows which bank also grants an instant loan without credit bureau. In addition, the credit intermediary assumes the cooperation with the bank, so that in the end the borrower only has to sign the finished loan agreement. The credit broker’s work is tied to a commission, but this is usually negligible. Every loan seeker should carry out a detailed loan comparison before applying for a loan.

Tips for your loan application to be undeniable

Understand the importance of a healthy financial life when applying for personal credit. The first step in securing a personal loan is securely to have an organized financial life. We know this may sound pretty general, but it usually means that you have to keep up with your financial health, as you never know when an unforeseen event will arise and you will need a loan.

In such cases, the financial ones are relentless. So there is no middle way or shortcut: to avoid the risk that when you need it most, your credit will be denied, you need to keep up with a spending routine that lets you not have your entire budget compromised. . Learn how to plan!

1) Organize your finances and keep your financial life healthy.

money loan

Financial institutions take into account a number of factors when approving or disapproving a loan application, including clearly your movement with the bank (s), your score and, of course, whether or not you are in default.

This information you probably already knew, but what you didn’t know is that your personal credit proposal or loan application is also valued according to your financial life, income and spending organization. This means that there is no point in earning you $ 10,000 if your spending is equal to or greater than your income. That is, even if you have a high salary, it does not make you a “good payer” for financial institutions. It is more common than you might think to have your credit or loan proposal declined despite having a “clean name” and “making a good living”.

In Article 5 Tips for Saving Money and Keeping Your Financial Life Healthy, you learned how the financial pyramid works and how to break it down through spending. To recap: the greater the need, the more you will spend in that category of your life.

Now, you will use that same pyramid to separate your spending by percentage, come on:

  • Think of your salary as a pie chart;
  • Half of it should be destined for basic needs: housing, food etc;
  • A quarter of it will be split to fixed bills like internet and phone and other expenses (such as your short-term goal and girlfriend / wife gift);
  • The remaining room you must invest.

2) Keep your Milasa Score up to date

money loan

In the article Know what Score is and learn how to improve yours, we explain to you what it is and how to update your Score Milasa. And this tip is simple and practical: follow the step by step we taught in the other article to update your score and you will get a good score, your loan or credit proposal will become more and more invaluable.

Why is Score important when applying for a loan?

As you already know, Score is your reputation as a payer, and of course this score influences directly when you apply for a loan, so keep your debts up to date, avoid getting new ones, and keep your score up to date.

3) Stop making excuses to start investing

money loan

“Ah, but I couldn’t save or invest this month for ‘N’ reasons.” Stop doing it right now!

Studies indicate that most borrowers have two goals: to pay off debt and to invest in some personal project. These are two very important reasons in anyone’s life and you can’t give them up. When applying for a loan, if it conforms to what was recommended. You have been saving, avoiding unnecessary expenses and maintaining a healthy financial life, all to improve the Score. Then you will have saved some of the money you need for your goal, thus lowering the loan amount and minimizing the possibility of default or late payments.

Today you are making a loan, but if you keep your financial health a priority you will soon be an investor and will be lending to people. Think like that and stay focused.

Loans offers for retirees 2019.


First we selected the best personal loans, that is, a series of products that we believe to be very convenient. You must know that the pensioner, for a bank, is an excellent customer from a credit point of view as his income is paid by Social Institute. This is why many banks offer particularly advantageous conditions for retirees. Here are the best loans selected for you.

Most credit institutions

Most credit institutions


Good Lender Bank : the most important Italian credit institution offers up to 75 thousand USD repayable with a maximum of 120 monthly installments. The installments can have an amount ranging from a minimum of 80 USD to a maximum of one fifth of the pension. As required by current legislation, the loan for Good Lender Bank pensioners is protected by insurance coverage and can only be disbursed to those seniors who are under 85 years of age before the loan expires.

Quick Pension Loan : this loan proposed by Unicredit is nothing more than a transfer of the fifth of the pension with which you can get up to a maximum of 69 thousand USD repayable in 120 monthly installments. Also in this case the loan is not finalized, therefore there is no need to justify or motivate the loan request. 

Good Lender Pensioners Loan:  is the only loan, among those analyzed by us, to offer a maximum disbursable capital of 90 thousand USD. The bank has signed an agreement with the social security institution and, precisely for this reason, interest rates are particularly advantageous (often it is possible to stay below 8%). Request it online now: click here!

Loans with assignment of the fifth of the pension

Loans with assignment of the fifth of the pension


Many write to us to understand how it is possible to access credit by obtaining a loan or a transfer of the fifth of the pension despite having a protest or a report in crif. As far as pensioners are concerned, there are no major problems because they can request the transfer of the fifth of the pension.

The transfer of the fifth of the pension is very interesting because, in fact, it allows to obtain a very convenient financing and in very fast times. In fact, the bank has nothing to fear because the Social Institute will pay the installments directly.

In essence, the transfer of the fifth of the pension works like a transfer of the fifth of the salary allowing the pensioner protested or reported as a bad payer to be able to access credit as well. In short, they are a sort of loan for protested pensioners. It should be noted that this tool offers, among other things, the possibility of obtaining loans at very convenient interest rates if compared to normal personal loans.

How to get one?

The advice is to get some quotes from the main financial companies with a search at the local level but also online. In fact, on the net, you can find innumerable search engines specifically designed to classify the loans offered by banks and financial companies. At this point you can make an attempt at your bank (the one where you have the bank account) by presenting the estimates obtained and hoping to obtain slightly more advantageous conditions.

Another solution could be to contact a financial advisor who, behind the payment of a small commission, would take care of all the practices relating to the management, creation and presentation of one’s own file. In the latter case, a preferential channel could be exploited, as the consultant would know with which credit institutions to present our loan application and which, instead, to discard a priori avoiding useless and annoying waste of time and money.

Government agency / Social Institute loans for pensioners

Pensioners who need a loan at preferential conditions can apply to Social Institute for an “Government agency” loan. This provides for a rapid disbursement and a very interesting interest rate, which the social security institution has currently set at 4.50% inclusive of management costs. In essence, this is an interest rate of at least 2 percentage points lower than the current market average. It should be remembered that Government agency loans are reserved exclusively for pensioners and employees of the public administration.

Invalidity pensions and minimum pensions

When it comes to financing, unfortunately, minimum and invalidity pensions are not well viewed by banks and financial institutions. In this regard, it is very useful to make use of a guarantor, otherwise it will be very difficult to obtain financing on decent terms and quickly.

We must not forget, in fact, that the income installment ratio, even for pensioners, must not exceed 20%. That is, with an income of 1000 USD per month you cannot apply for a personal loan that provides for an installment greater than 200 USD per month.

Home loan with parents – when is it worth it?

Many young people dream of their own M. Few, however, can afford it. Are you sure? What are the ways to increase creditworthiness? Is it worth taking a loan for an apartment with parents?

Getting a mortgage is not easy. Banks check the borrower very carefully. There are even more challenges for young people who cannot boast of a long work experience.


Creditworthiness – how does the bank assess it?

Creditworthiness - how does the bank assess it?

The basis of creditworthiness is monthly income. Banks pay attention to the amount and timeliness of our remuneration. Here, people who are freelancers, which is the case for many young people, will be in a worse situation than those employed under a contract of employment. An irregular income of a freelancer may discourage the bank from granting a loan for an apartment. Even if you have a regular income, but you have a lot of expenses, e.g. for family, your creditworthiness may be too low to pay a high loan installment. To check whether you can afford the planned loan, use the creditworthiness calculator.

One way to improve your credit standing is to take a loan with a co-borrower, e.g. one of your parents. Especially if he is professionally active and has high, stable income. It will definitely have a positive impact on your credit standing, so you can pay a higher installment. This will automatically enable you to take a higher loan.


Positive credit history

Positive credit history

Another element that banks pay attention to are possible debts and timely repayment of liabilities. Loans, account limits or credit cards have a negative impact on the assessment of creditworthiness. On the other hand, loans that were previously taken out and were repaid on time can convince the bank that the potential borrower is a systematic and trustworthy person.


Loan for housing with parents and the borrower’s age

Loan for housing with parents and the borrower

An important element of taking out a mortgage is also the borrower’s age. A loan for an apartment can be taken for a maximum of 30 years. Young people can get a loan agreement for a longer period than older people. On the one hand, young people have lower incomes and shorter seniority. On the other hand, however, extending the lending time affects the amount of the loan. In this situation, it is also worth considering options for buying an apartment from the secondary market.

A mortgage with parents is worth taking in a period when your income is not enough to take out a loan for an apartment yourself. Later, when the young person’s situation stabilizes, it is possible to exclude parents from the loan agreement.

Educational Loan – finance your education

Whether education, training or study, all this costs money. If the parents have no financial resources and no time for a part-time job, the education loan is a good way to provide financial support. When granting loans, the flexibility of the terms of the training loan is usually very limited. t Open an account and apply for a training loan. Now inform in the guidebook on training credit!

Student loan

Student loan

Whether it’s teaching, training or college, it all takes time. If the guardians have no funds and no time for part-time work, the education loans provide a good opportunity for help. The term education loan is a collective term for state or bank-based funds for the promotion of apprentices and students.

There are various types of training loans available, such as the education loan. As a rule, a training loan is provided by credit institutions. In contrast to the Federal Office for Vocational Training, the amount of the loan is not influenced by the parental allowance or the own money. The loan will be refunded after the training including interest. The 4 main lenders for training:

In a training loan, the different variants have advantages and disadvantages. Also the repayment of the education loan is an essential circumstance. Teaching or studying is very expensive nowadays, especially if you need to rent your own accommodation because the place of education or the university is not in your city.

But apart from training and studies, there is usually no time for that. Because the university is so tight that no part-time job can be exercised during the lecture holidays. As a state-owned institute, we offer trainees and students particularly favorable conditions and interest for an internship loan.

State support aims to allow all people to study or to attend vocational training, even if the funds are not made available. The training loans are therefore designed in such a way that repayment can not take place until the trainee or student has gained a foothold in working life. This period lasts from one and a half to two years after the end of the training.

How to finance your education

How to finance your education

The first Internet platform of Swiss education funding is splend! The students are directly connected with private investors. Our p2p loans provide students with a fast and above all fair educational financing. We open up a new sales market for sustainable, meaningful investments for private investors away from the classic capital markets and credit institutions.

No matter if college, degree program or further education , at splend! you are in the right place. Whether a student really stays in school, we clarify with the appropriate educational institution. In this way we can register you as a full user and you can activate your auction for refinancing. P2P or peer-to-peer loans are personal loans granted directly between private individuals.

The investor determines who he lends money to and at the same time prudently.

Borrowers – and in our case students – can easily and quickly pay for their education on favorable terms.

Borrowers - and in our case students - can easily and quickly pay for their education on favorable terms.

Costly constructions, as they are known from financial institutes and financial institutions, are eliminated! splend! t enables the placement of educational loans in an effective and simple way directly between private individuals.

The savings are passed on to students on favorable terms and to investors with a good return. Splend! does not generate interest on the loan, but only an interest-free payment. Therefore, it is recommended to use the rating in the selection of education and training.

In addition, the rating concept supports investors in their investment decisions.

Foreign currency loans – Good Finance Bank expects negative impact up to EUR 300 million

Good Finance Bank expects negative impact of up to € 300 million ($ 92.8 billion) on a law to resolve certain issues related to the Unity Resolution on Consumer Loans, the bank said in a statement to MTI on Tuesday.

Good Finance emphasizes that its loan agreements

Good <a href=Finance emphasizes that its loan agreements” />

Have always been in compliance with applicable legislation and that the bank has acted lawfully in accordance with the contractual terms. Good Finance Bank Hungary Zrt. Has fully complied with the unilateral contract modification rules, and has always adjusted the interest rates carefully and lawfully.
Good Finance Bank Hungary Zrt. Will accordingly avail itself of the legal opportunities granted by Hungarian law – read the Bank’s reply.

Several banks have announced that they are examining all available law 

Several banks have announced that they are examining all available law&nbsp;

In recent days, several banks have announced that they are examining all available law enforcement options to prove that their consumer credit agreement procedures have always been fair and in compliance with applicable law.
Good Credit Bank Zrt.

Has decided to make a provision of HUF 20 billion to adjust the exchange rate margin on consumer foreign currency loans and wants to prove in court that its contract changes were fair, the bank said Monday.
Goodbank Bank Zrt. Also announced on Monday that, due to the non-use of the exchange rate margin, a provision of HUF 5.1 billion was made in the first half of 2014 to cover settlement with clients.

FHB announced in early July that, according to preliminary estimates, the FHB Group is expected to incur a repayment obligation of approximately $ 4.5 billion due to the non-use of the exchange rate margin, to which the group made a provision in the second quarter.
Due to the non-utilization of the exchange rate margin, E-bank Mortgage Bank Ltd. is expected to reimburse its customers about HUF 8.1 billion, with a negative impact on pre-tax profit of HUF 6.7 billion and unilateral contract changes of HUF 68.6 billion but the bank wants to exercise its right of action in this matter, the mortgage bank published on the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) website on Monday.

The E-bank Group as a whole is expected to pay back HUF 27 billion


Taking into account the risk cost incurred for this purpose in 2013, the negative profit before tax could amount to approximately HUF 25 billion, which will be accounted for in Q2 2014. This amount is about HUF 20 billion higher than previously expected.

According to the bank, lawsuits involving a unilateral contract amendment could affect nearly HUF 90 billion in foreign currency loans and another HUF 20-30 billion in HUF mortgages and consumer loans. The approved version of the law increased the expected amount by $ 40 billion, also due to the statute of limitations, the bank announced in early July.

Debt rate ┬╗Interest rate definition and constituents

Debt rate – or effective interest rate, as it is also called – what is it? an elucidation on

Now, there could come a long, dry tray-dry answer that no normal people in this world would understand or bother to read.

But it is important to understand terms such as the APR , Debt rate and interest rate if you are in a situation where you are considering borrowing money.

And that’s why at Good Finance we have made it easy for ordinary people to understand terms like Debt Interest.

Debt rate – explained in 3 simple steps:

    1. What is effective interest rate?
    2. The principle behind interest rates?
    3. Can Good Finance’s Debt Rate Compare with Other Loans?

If you are not a reading horse, check out the video below. It explains it all in a short moment. You can also jump directly in and visit our loan calculator to see how much you can borrow here …

What does the interest rate mean?

What does the interest rate mean?

In short, this is the loan’s annual interest rate – including interest rates. And the total interest rate therefore depends on how often the interest rate is attributed.

Let’s try with an example:

If every month 10% interest is credited, the amount gets bigger and bigger the longer the loan runs – so far so good.

Thus, each month interest is credited to an amount already attributed to interest.

This means that if you borrow 10 lego blocks, then after the first month you have to pay 1 lego block in interest. Next month, there will be 11 lego blocks attributed to 10% interest.

It then repeats every month (if the interest rate is thus attributed every month).

And that is the principle of the term “interest rate”.

Why is it not fair for loans at Good Finance?

The debtor interest rate is, as I said, the loan’s annual interest rate, which includes all “interest rates”.

And it therefore depends a lot on how many interest rate allocations – how many small towers of bricks – we have in a year. If there are fewer, the amount becomes smaller.

BUT – at Good Finance we do not charge interest rates, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Our advice to you is to look at the loan calculator and the real numbers when / if you need to borrow money.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

    1. How much do you want to borrow?
    2. How much can you pay back each month?
    3. What do you end up having of costs?

If your finances can handle the costs, then in some situations it may be a good solution to borrow the money for the things that can’t wait until later.

We hope you have become a bit clearer on the concept of debt / interest rate.

If you want to see how much it would cost you to borrow from Good Finance, click on the blue button below and hop into our loan calculator.

Smart Home: More comfort, less costs – CreditPlus Bank AG

Cleverly retrofitted, a smart home system saves energy costs, increases security against burglary – and is convenient. 

Many solutions can be operated with a swipe via the smartphone display. App thanks. The comfort gain is not very cheap.

Proven energy saving potential through smart home system


The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics has found that singles with a smart home system consume up to 40 percent less energy. Families save up to 17 percent. If that is not a reason for retrofitting. But beware: The specialized trade and the online shops meanwhile carry a large offer.

Therefore, the user should know exactly what he wants to do with it before installing a smart home automation system.

Heating, lighting, secure

The variety of functions is immense. In this way, not only the socket, thermostat or lamp can be controlled in a variety of ways. Other devices either switch on and off automatically according to a specific schedule or at the whim of the residents. Helpful for retrofitting is a list of all the wishes of home automation. A floor plan also makes planning easier. The sketch shows, for example, where sensors report open or closed windows, doors or shutters, a lighting control dimmers lamps, radiator thermostats and air conditioning regulate the room temperature or the networked washing machine is.

Operation of the smart home system


Thoughts should also make smart home fans aware of the nature of the controls. So there are solutions that work with smartphone and tablet, some accept commands via special switches and touch displays or by voice.

It is important that the current functions and settings of the smart home are clearly displayed – for example on a screen. Also of importance: How should the components be linked? Some systems exchange power, others via cables. For retrofitting a radio-based smart home is particularly convenient

Open or closed system?


Smart home systems are currently in demand. That calls several providers on the plan. Accordingly diverse is the technology behind it. To distinguish here are so-called open from closed systems. Open variants are supported by different manufacturers. That is, their products understand the same language and work together.

Examples of such overarching standards . A closed system, however, is not as sociable, but works only in the own cosmos of the provider. The combination with external devices is not intended. So here you tie yourself to a product line. Although providers promise smooth installation and functionality, they are not as flexible as open systems.

In any case, a smart home system has its price. For a fully equipped version several thousand euros are due. A loan helps to shoulder the costs. In return, there is a system that leaves nothing to be desired in modern residential and security technology.

Switch on the washing machine remotely, control the heating on the way, inspect the peephole from the sofa, switch the light on and off with a gesture or check monitoring systems far from home – there are no limits to today’s smart home.