Whether education, training or study, all this costs money. If the parents have no financial resources and no time for a part-time job, the education loan is a good way to provide financial support. When granting loans, the flexibility of the terms of the training loan is usually very limited. t Open an account and apply for a training loan. Now inform in the guidebook on training credit!

Student loan

Student loan

Whether it’s teaching, training or college, it all takes time. If the guardians have no funds and no time for part-time work, the education loans provide a good opportunity for help. The term education loan is a collective term for state or bank-based funds for the promotion of apprentices and students.

There are various types of training loans available, such as the education loan. As a rule, a training loan is provided by credit institutions. In contrast to the Federal Office for Vocational Training, the amount of the loan is not influenced by the parental allowance or the own money. The loan will be refunded after the training including interest. The 4 main lenders for training:

In a training loan, the different variants have advantages and disadvantages. Also the repayment of the education loan is an essential circumstance. Teaching or studying is very expensive nowadays, especially if you need to rent your own accommodation because the place of education or the university is not in your city.

But apart from training and studies, there is usually no time for that. Because the university is so tight that no part-time job can be exercised during the lecture holidays. As a state-owned institute, we offer trainees and students particularly favorable conditions and interest for an internship loan.

State support aims to allow all people to study or to attend vocational training, even if the funds are not made available. The training loans are therefore designed in such a way that repayment can not take place until the trainee or student has gained a foothold in working life. This period lasts from one and a half to two years after the end of the training.

How to finance your education

How to finance your education

The first Internet platform of Swiss education funding is splend! The students are directly connected with private investors. Our p2p loans provide students with a fast and above all fair educational financing. We open up a new sales market for sustainable, meaningful investments for private investors away from the classic capital markets and credit institutions.

No matter if college, degree program or further education , at splend! you are in the right place. Whether a student really stays in school, we clarify with the appropriate educational institution. In this way we can register you as a full user and you can activate your auction for refinancing. P2P or peer-to-peer loans are personal loans granted directly between private individuals.

The investor determines who he lends money to and at the same time prudently.

Borrowers – and in our case students – can easily and quickly pay for their education on favorable terms.

Borrowers - and in our case students - can easily and quickly pay for their education on favorable terms.

Costly constructions, as they are known from financial institutes and financial institutions, are eliminated! splend! t enables the placement of educational loans in an effective and simple way directly between private individuals.

The savings are passed on to students on favorable terms and to investors with a good return. Splend! does not generate interest on the loan, but only an interest-free payment. Therefore, it is recommended to use the rating in the selection of education and training.

In addition, the rating concept supports investors in their investment decisions.

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