First we selected the best personal loans, that is, a series of products that we believe to be very convenient. You must know that the pensioner, for a bank, is an excellent customer from a credit point of view as his income is paid by Social Institute. This is why many banks offer particularly advantageous conditions for retirees. Here are the best loans selected for you.

Most credit institutions

Most credit institutions


Good Lender Bank : the most important Italian credit institution offers up to 75 thousand USD repayable with a maximum of 120 monthly installments. The installments can have an amount ranging from a minimum of 80 USD to a maximum of one fifth of the pension. As required by current legislation, the loan for Good Lender Bank pensioners is protected by insurance coverage and can only be disbursed to those seniors who are under 85 years of age before the loan expires.

Quick Pension Loan : this loan proposed by Unicredit is nothing more than a transfer of the fifth of the pension with which you can get up to a maximum of 69 thousand USD repayable in 120 monthly installments. Also in this case the loan is not finalized, therefore there is no need to justify or motivate the loan request. 

Good Lender Pensioners Loan:  is the only loan, among those analyzed by us, to offer a maximum disbursable capital of 90 thousand USD. The bank has signed an agreement with the social security institution and, precisely for this reason, interest rates are particularly advantageous (often it is possible to stay below 8%). Request it online now: click here!

Loans with assignment of the fifth of the pension

Loans with assignment of the fifth of the pension


Many write to us to understand how it is possible to access credit by obtaining a loan or a transfer of the fifth of the pension despite having a protest or a report in crif. As far as pensioners are concerned, there are no major problems because they can request the transfer of the fifth of the pension.

The transfer of the fifth of the pension is very interesting because, in fact, it allows to obtain a very convenient financing and in very fast times. In fact, the bank has nothing to fear because the Social Institute will pay the installments directly.

In essence, the transfer of the fifth of the pension works like a transfer of the fifth of the salary allowing the pensioner protested or reported as a bad payer to be able to access credit as well. In short, they are a sort of loan for protested pensioners. It should be noted that this tool offers, among other things, the possibility of obtaining loans at very convenient interest rates if compared to normal personal loans.

How to get one?

The advice is to get some quotes from the main financial companies with a search at the local level but also online. In fact, on the net, you can find innumerable search engines specifically designed to classify the loans offered by banks and financial companies. At this point you can make an attempt at your bank (the one where you have the bank account) by presenting the estimates obtained and hoping to obtain slightly more advantageous conditions.

Another solution could be to contact a financial advisor who, behind the payment of a small commission, would take care of all the practices relating to the management, creation and presentation of one’s own file. In the latter case, a preferential channel could be exploited, as the consultant would know with which credit institutions to present our loan application and which, instead, to discard a priori avoiding useless and annoying waste of time and money.

Government agency / Social Institute loans for pensioners

Pensioners who need a loan at preferential conditions can apply to Social Institute for an “Government agency” loan. This provides for a rapid disbursement and a very interesting interest rate, which the social security institution has currently set at 4.50% inclusive of management costs. In essence, this is an interest rate of at least 2 percentage points lower than the current market average. It should be remembered that Government agency loans are reserved exclusively for pensioners and employees of the public administration.

Invalidity pensions and minimum pensions

When it comes to financing, unfortunately, minimum and invalidity pensions are not well viewed by banks and financial institutions. In this regard, it is very useful to make use of a guarantor, otherwise it will be very difficult to obtain financing on decent terms and quickly.

We must not forget, in fact, that the income installment ratio, even for pensioners, must not exceed 20%. That is, with an income of 1000 USD per month you cannot apply for a personal loan that provides for an installment greater than 200 USD per month.

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